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Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA



I am an all-in-one video service. From animation, illustration, motion graphics, editing, videography, and voiceover. Highly experienced, having been in the business for twenty years.


My experience involves freelance and generating the vision and execution of projects. I am also a collaborator and enjoy working as part of a team. I love storytelling and bringing subjects and content to life. I’m a forever learner and enjoy learning new programs, software and storytelling techniques.


Some projects I am most proud of:

  • A web series called "INVOLVD", that focuses on people in the community doing positive work within their neighborhoods.

  • Marketing Campaign for WIN, an e-gaming platform, where I utilized stock video & green screen to customize the message.

  • Frame by frame animation for Winter Wonderland, a Holiday video for I was responsible for creative concept, storyboarding, character design & build, and animation.

Video Creative Director

ADX Labs Inc.

Feb 2014 - Present

Motion Designer

Self-Employed animator / illustrator / designer / editor

Mar 2007 - Feb 2014

Senior Designer

Popular Front

2007 - 2011




Media Designer



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